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is it 5 years ago?

Today, five years ago, my mother died just three weeks after being diagnosed with lungcancer, altough she never smoked a single cigarette. We as children, grandchildren, were very sad to lose her.

I still miss her a lot. I think about her every day in one way or an other. Today I though about how she would talk about her plants on the balcony. No matter how well they did, she would look at every leaf with deep interest and see a flourishing plant even if it was only this one leaf that was green.

In short: she was able to see life where a lot of us would never see it.

Mum, these flowers are for you! Today I will live my life looking at and cherishing the small things like that one green leaf on an almost dead plant.

Love you!


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a summer image

summer image uit aj 110 klein

These last couple of weeks I find it difficult to make time to make art and to publish some of it here. I’m trying to pick up the habit of posting 4 to 5 times a week again. That means that I have to be a little bit less perfectionistic about what I make. So today I post this image of a summer feeling. Just some strokes of color made with photoshop. I hope you enjoy it. I certainly enjoyed making it!