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Numerology means, according to Wikipedia, believing that there is a divine or mystical relationship between a number and one or more coinciding events. I personally think that this is bullshit. As a trained scientist I cannot see any logic in it.

Still… when I make art there is always something with numbers and counting. This piece here for instance had originally 7 green balls and 9 yellow balls in it. When I paint those balls I count them. For some reason it feels better when there are 7 or 9. And that is not about the esthetical aspect that it is often a better composition when there is an uneven number (as seen in flowerarrangements etc)

No, I know and always feel that it has something to do with my original family. We were seven children, plus two parents, which counts up to nine. Somewhere deep down I always feel that I have to paint them all to make sure that I don’t forget them and that they will be alright. It is as if I keep the group together and safe by adding that number somewhere in my art. It doesn’t work very well, because both of my parents have passed away. Which is once again proof of the nonsense of numerology.

Anyway, so much for scientific thinking… Maybe we all are superstitious in some way or another.