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last day of the year

This is what my doodle-Muze brought me today. A red cat, an owl and a grumpy old frog with a vase with flowers. And let’s not forget the shady place to sit and ponder, the lamp and the big flower. I always think that things come out of my pen for a reason. That there must be some hidden meaning even if I don’t know what it is. Well, I definitively don’t know what this drawing is supposed to mean? Some sign about the coming year? Whatever! It looks mysterious and for the moment that is good enough for me!

Have a great day everybody and a very happy New Year!

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where do I live…

where to live uit aj 092 klein

‘where do I live…”‘, collage, mixed media

What I create always has something to do with where my heart and mind are. This piece of art is obviously about living. Our house and garden need a lot of care and repair. It is an old house, which makes that there are always things that need attending to. And these last years I’ve let slip things a little bit, … eh… a lot. After spending a week in Spain I have some renewed energy and ideas to do more and to look at our house with fresh eyes.  It will never be a neatly kept place. We’re not the kind of people who need that, I guess. I love some mess and chaos around me. But a bit more order will give more room to life.

Here is to organized chaos!