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is a doodle ever ‘just a doodle’?

just a doodle uit db 077 klein

The drawing above I made while my son was telling me about a book he is reading. The book tells a sience fiction story about a planet without resources and a bunch of scientists trying to figure out how to keep their planet safe, also from forces trying to attack it. In doing so they invent some kind of religion.

While I thought I was drawing mindlessly, doodling we call it, this image turned out to be about the story he was telling me. You can see planet-like shapes in it and a hand of a ‘Savior’. The planet is just above something that seems like a sea or a river, ready to swallow and drown the planet.

Besides all that the image is full of flowers and trees, which seems to refer to me being completely into gardening these days, which can feel like a ‘religion’ sometimes. This last thing refering back to the story in the book again.

What I want to say here is that whatever you or I are creating always reflects what is in us, what is occupying our hearts or minds. maybe you would like to take a good look at your own ‘doodles’ and see what they reveal itself about yourself, your thoughts, your dreams, your worries. And if you see nothing, don’t worry! Just keep on doodling!