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take the colorful road

Today my parents would have had their birthdays. My father would have turned 90 years old and my mother 93. They are still missed a lot. But today we also remember what they gave us. For instance they gave us a whole bunch of brothers and sisters with whom we can share life and memories. But they also gave us a way of looking at life like it is a colorful road, where there is a lot of interesting stuff and people to see and where stories are spread all over the place.

I am forever grateful for that. Thanks Mom and Dad!

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a dream

Today I made this tower. It is almost night. You can see the sun standing low. Sometimes I dream about creating in a tower. All day long I will make one piece of art after the other. Then… when the day is almost over and the sun is turning red I will take all the art I made and climb the stairs towards the tower roof. Standing there, enjoying the view and the fresh air, I set all my art free to soar on the winds and find its proper owners…

And I will do that day after day after day…