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rain uit db 079 web size 72 jpeg

First drawing of the day. In fact I was only warming up. I decided to share these pages with you, just as they are, to show you how a drawing sometimes starts.

I wrote a little about the rain:

tic tic, toc toc, tac tac

rain, rain, rain on my roof

I am sitting here and listen to the song of the drops

hoping the gutters don’t leak, the rooftiles are still in place

and I remember that I forgot to let the house get painted on the outside

a moment to stay in bed a little longer

but I am not going to do that, because I also love an early start of the day

hey, there is an enormous bird sitting next to my bed

some sort of ‘angel in disguise’?

artjournal · MY ART · on creativity

jumping up and down

jumping up and down uit db 075 klein

Today I started a new diary/sketchbook/artjournal. Number 75 since 2010, when I started writing every morning. Over the years my diaries have turned into my ‘land of freedom’. I write, paint, draw or make plans in them.

I painted this little girl on the front of this book. She reminds me of myself as a little child. I remember the pure excitement I used to feel. The happiness of just being alive, I guess. Every day filled with new adventures, new stories.

I want her to lead the way these coming weeks, when this book will accompany me. Up to that same excitement of being alive! Go girl! Go!