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Studio story or ‘Marie Kondo in fifteen minutes a day’

studioview uit db 077 klein

Back in 1996 we bought this big old house. We bought it because there was room enough for the five of us and room for a musicroom and a studio. The attic was supposed to be my heaven.

And it worked for a long time. But now… For several years our life is quite stressy and we’re getting a bit older (oeps) and I have let things slip a little, a lot to be honest. And so the attic is filled with remains of former lifes, former hobbies and things nobody wants anymore. It is still my studio in the sense that I have a table where I work every morning on my art. But it feels like my space is getting smaller and smaller.

I long back to that big, lightfilled rooms that I used to have and that seemed so full of possibilities. My life is still packed with responsibilities and the energy is definitly less than it used to be.

Today I thought: ‘Would it be possible to clean out my studio with fifteen minutes a day?’ That is an amount of time I am able to work on this without getting completely overwhelmed or too tired. It is also a period of time I can commit to.

Soooo, this is what I am going to do RIGHT now! And tomorrow again. And the day after tomorrow again… Fifteen minutes a day cleaning and rebuilding my sacred space, my heaven!

I’ll keep you posted on any progress.