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Ahmad Jamal

ahmad Jamal uit aj 110 klein

I love music! But most of the time I don’t listen to music while making art. It’s can distract me so much from what I’m doing, that it doesn’t work at all. I get absorbed by the story of the music and forget to paint.

These last weeks it is completely different. Listening to music while painting calms me down  and brings me back to the creativity. It is like i can feel the musicians muses speak to me and helping me.

The piece above I made while listening to Ahmad Jamal playing his beautiful jazz on the piano. Thank you, Ahmad!

digital art · MY ART

hi, have happy weekend!

meisje en hond uit aj 101 extra tekening HI klein

When I started this collage I thought it would turn out as an abstract piece of art. But then the little yellow girl showed up and she wanted to dance here. Then there was the dog and the table with the vase with flowers. And I realised the whole thing said ‘Hi’! So now to all of you: ‘Hi, have a happy weekend!’.

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While waiting for G

My car is my mobile studio. Whenever I go away and there is even the smallest of chances that I have to wait somewhere for a couple of minutes, I take my backpack with my sketchbook and other artmaking stuff in it with me. This doodle was the result from todays ‘waiting in the car session’.

Motto: make art wherever you are!

and below you see what became of the doodle after some serious reworking:

abstract uit db 074 groene achtergrond