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Today the book ‘A Big Important Art Book‘ written by Danielle Krysa (alias The Jealous Curator) was delivered by our postman. The book is all about Female Artists and written in the inspiring en enthousiastic way of Danielle Krysa.

Apart from stories about artists there are art assignments to fire the reader up. The first chapter is called ‘Play with Portraits’ and the accompagning exercises are about making selfportraits.

I almost never did a selfportrait before, so this was challenging for sure. But since Danielle stimulates us to create without fear or despite fear, I took some random photographs of myself. And I liked it!

I am going to do more with it, but for now this is my selfportrait. I like the way is turned out. I am looking forward to reading and working more with this book. Thank you, Danielle Krysa!

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last day of the year

This is what my doodle-Muze brought me today. A red cat, an owl and a grumpy old frog with a vase with flowers. And let’s not forget the shady place to sit and ponder, the lamp and the big flower. I always think that things come out of my pen for a reason. That there must be some hidden meaning even if I don’t know what it is. Well, I definitively don’t know what this drawing is supposed to mean? Some sign about the coming year? Whatever! It looks mysterious and for the moment that is good enough for me!

Have a great day everybody and a very happy New Year!

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more collage

Making collages is so great! I often do this when feeling a bit tired or when I need a creative boost. I just take stuff that is lying around on my table and start cutting or ripping it in pieces and then gluing it on paper. All this without much thoughts. This one is made of colored paper and leftovers of misprinted designs I made. The black background makes the colors pop out more brightly.

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to start the day

just a doodle to start the day

I always start the day just doodling around a little bit. To loosen up and to warm up the drawingmuscles. Sometimes it turns out to be a start for the piece of art of that day, sometimes it is more of a reflection of what is going on in my mind. And sometimes I want to keep on working on it for hours, putting aside all the other things I was supposed to do. Did I tell you already that artists are easily distracted by what comes up around or in them?