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have nice cup of tea, love!

‘Have a nice cup of tea, love!’

I made this one in honour of Heather and Jan, who came to visit me the other day. We had a conversation about the friendlyness in the English language.

This is a paper collage and drawing in which I later put some of my patterns. I reworked that again digital. A whole lot of work for one image and I think there is some more work to do on this one. It is funny: the more I know about drawing, scanning and digital reworking the longer it takes to finish a piece of art.

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sometimes it is difficult to finish a project

In 1999 I wrote a small story that accompagnied a couple of sketches like the second one you see here. Over the years I have rewritten and redrawn this story time and time again. Two years ago I was sure it was finished and ready for publication.

However I am working on it again. In the 2019 version the second image is replaced with the first one.

It is time to wrap this baby up, Eyck!

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a dream

Today I made this tower. It is almost night. You can see the sun standing low. Sometimes I dream about creating in a tower. All day long I will make one piece of art after the other. Then… when the day is almost over and the sun is turning red I will take all the art I made and climb the stairs towards the tower roof. Standing there, enjoying the view and the fresh air, I set all my art free to soar on the winds and find its proper owners…

And I will do that day after day after day…

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Today the book ‘A Big Important Art Book‘ written by Danielle Krysa (alias The Jealous Curator) was delivered by our postman. The book is all about Female Artists and written in the inspiring en enthousiastic way of Danielle Krysa.

Apart from stories about artists there are art assignments to fire the reader up. The first chapter is called ‘Play with Portraits’ and the accompagning exercises are about making selfportraits.

I almost never did a selfportrait before, so this was challenging for sure. But since Danielle stimulates us to create without fear or despite fear, I took some random photographs of myself. And I liked it!

I am going to do more with it, but for now this is my selfportrait. I like the way is turned out. I am looking forward to reading and working more with this book. Thank you, Danielle Krysa!