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I love paint!

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I love to paint on everything (not always to everyones pleasure I must admit)… I paint on walls, on furnuture, on floors. And I also always paint the outside of my journals. I love the black background. Often I start by dumping the paint I will not be using anymore that day on these surfaces. In the end there is always a new painting! Voila!

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three ladies

‘three ladies’
mixed media, collage on wood
I painted these three women on my bathroomdoor.
Every time I’m sitting there I wonder who they are and what they are doing there.
Sometimes they are three friends sitting in a park, gossipping.
Other times they are three sisters, all very different with different styles and hobbies.
Sometimes I think I know them and I give them names.
But they can also be total strangers watching a play, which they dont’t find equally interesting.
It’s totally up to me to make a new story every time I see them.
And that’s exactly what I love so much about art: that storymaking, whether on paper, using letters or lines and colors, or only in your head while watching something else.
Have a nice week! Invent some stories!