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a fruitful day

Yesterday I gave myself an assignment: ‘design a pattern using only the computer’. So I learned how to turn a red round shape into an apple, making leafs out of ovals. The image above is the result.
The orange apples I added because today it is Kingsday here in The Netherlands. On Kingsday everything turns orange because of the king’s famous anchestor Willem van Oranje (oranje = orange) who sort of started The Netherlands back in sixteenth century.

Happy Kingsday!

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have nice cup of tea, love!

‘Have a nice cup of tea, love!’

I made this one in honour of Heather and Jan, who came to visit me the other day. We had a conversation about the friendlyness in the English language.

This is a paper collage and drawing in which I later put some of my patterns. I reworked that again digital. A whole lot of work for one image and I think there is some more work to do on this one. It is funny: the more I know about drawing, scanning and digital reworking the longer it takes to finish a piece of art.