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canvas 302 detail klein

I never know what I will be making tomorrow or even today. Although that can feel quite insecure, it is always a surprise what is coming out of my brushes. I guess this is what freedom feels like for me. Or maybe my making art is a representation of life itself. I mean, we think we know what is coming tomorrow or the day after that, but in fact we don’t.

We live in a time where we think that we can and should plan our life completely. I think that it is impossible to plan out our life too much. When things turn out different, and they will, it can lead to disappointment, selfjudgement and feelings of inadequacy. I too used to think that I had to plan out my art, although I never  really succeeded to do that. At least not without killing a part of it, maybe even killing the most essential part of my art, the soul.

Right now I am accepting that I will always work from surprise and chaos. I am even trying to embrace that because maybe it is nothing else than what life is for me, chaos and surprises. And all I can do about that is to make art out of the chaos.

About the painting above: the last few days I am totally in the mood for paint, abstracts and bigger work. This is a detail of a new one I’m working on.