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The bird and the church

pieterskerk uit db 079 web jpg

The bird and the church, for me they seem like opposites from eachother. The bird representing freedom and the church representing strict rules and oppression.

But I am also atracted to churches, especially the old ones. Their many beautiful details, so carefully designed and crafted speak to me a lot. Like this churchdoor, that belongs to the Saint Pieterschurch in Leyden. I love the color of the door, the window above it and the posts around the door.


Happiness-route in Leiden

Hi everybody,

I’m joining the Happiness-route in Leyden that will take place in november 2016.
Right now I’m making a little book with ideas on how to find out what makes you happy. In the booklet there is plenty of room to draw and write.
On 12th of november you can come over and pick up a booklet here at ‘The Happy Artist’ for free. You can even sit here and ‘work’ in your book. There will be a table full of artsupplies to have a great time totally spent on happiness.

More information (other people joining the Happiness-route) you can find here.


Kunstroute Leiden 24-25 september

Yeah, it’s that time of the year again!

Last weekend of september is Artroute in Leyden.
I rather call it an ARTFESTIVAL!
Over 120 artists open their studio for the public along with a whole lot of artgaleries.

This year I’m once again one of those artists. And with me is Anke van de Laar, a photographer who takes beautiful and unexpected pictures of a small world.

I will be showing my drawings and paintings and a lot of new designs to be printed on practically anything you can imagine (dresses, mugs, bags and more).

For more information:

A SUMMER ART WEEKEND: zomers kunstweekend 25 en 26 juni

This weekend there will be lots of art in Leyden on the Artmarket on the Hooglandse Kerkgracht.
The old and beautiful city of Leyden being its most wonderful self at this place.
I also will be showing and selling my art from mugs to notebooks and paintings.
Just come and take a look!
For more information: click here

market with a puppet stall

view on the Hooglandse Kerk from the city library
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a great art manifestation and a trip to Switserland…

Wouw, the art manifestation in Leiden (Kunstroute Leiden) was a wunderful experience. I met a lot of nice people and sold some of my artwork. I turned my workingspace into a little shop which felt so familiar to me, since my father used to be a shop owner.

Shortly after that  we went to Switserland to visit my father in law. We stayed in a beautiful little village named Lutry, next to the Lake. We were very lucky with the weather and walked everyday to see the mountains, the boats, the water and 
the other people also having a good time.

We went by train to and from Switzerland which took us about eleven hours traveling both times. Although the views are beautiful from the train, I also spent a lot of time doodling and doodling some more. At home, back in my studio, I worked a little more on these doodles. 
Here are some examples.

Have a nice october!